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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form part of the contract you will/have signed.  By hiring from us, and signing a contract, you will agree to and be bound by the terms and conditions.

  • A non-refundable deposit is due as per the contract to secure the booking. All outstanding balances are to be paid eight(8) weeks prior to your event as per the date on your contract. Payments can me made via Cash or Card, please note, we do not accept cheques
  • An alphabetical guest list is due 14 days before your function as per the date on your contract
  • Any damage caused to the suite will be the responsibility of the hirer
  • Any decorations you bring into the premises must only be affixed to the woodwork, tables and chairs using Blue-Tak ONLY and nothing must be affixed to the wallpaper. Any damaged caused by decorations put on the wallpaper will be the responsibility of the hirer
  • All decorations, valuables, presents and food must be cleared away from the premises at the end of the event. A charge of £50.00 will be applied if they are not cleared away and they will be disposed of. The company will not be responsible for anything left overnight
  • We will supply tables for your buffet. We do not supply tablecloths when you supply your own food, nor do we have any kitchen facilities
  • The company cannot accept responsibility for any cakes bought onto the premises
  • A food surcharge is payable when you bring your own food onto the premises and it is the hirers responsibility to clear it away at the end of the evening. You can put your bags of rubbish into the bins in the car park. A charge of £50.00 will be applied if any food not cleared away that you have supplied is not cleared away
  • Children must always be supervised by an adult and are not allowed outside of the suite unless supervised by an adult
  • The company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone either inside or outside whilst visiting the premises
  • The hirer shall be responsible for all persons who attend their function, and for their behaviour at all times, and to ensure they leave the premises in an orderly and quite manner
  • The company reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the club without giving any reason and to stop and close the function at any time
  • A damages deposit is required in cash at the start of the event and will be returned at the end of the event once the room has been checked by a member of staff
  • Adult family members must attend 18th & 21st birthday parties
  • The company has the right at all times to refuse admission without giving any reason, or to remove any person behaving inappropriately. Anyone who is not on your guest list or arrives late without prior agreement with management will be refused entry
  • The company reserves the right to search anyone on arrival or at any time during your event
  • The company cannot accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to any property belonging to or brought onto the premises by anyone
  • No beverages of any kind can be brought onto the premises and any beverages found that have not been purchased on the premises will be confiscated
  • Guests who appear to be under the age of 21 will be required to provide photographic evidence of age to purchase intoxicating liquor
  • We reserve the right to confiscate any intoxicating liquor that has been purchased for guests under the age of 18
  • Use of the free car park is available when using the club and vehicle parked at entirely at their owners’ risk and no liability is accepted by the company for any loss or damage caused to any vehicle. Vehicles are not to be left in the car park overnight. Gates are locked at the end of business and can remain locked until the start of business on a Monday
  • The company cannot accept any responsibility for any mechanical breakdown, failure in electrical supply, flood, fire, Government restriction or Act of God that may cause the premises to be closed or the function interrupted